Service and Advocacy

Local Mountain Rise Outreach & International Mountain Rise Connection

Habitat for Humanity 

Mountain Rise supports the Perinton Congregations for Flower City Habitat for Humanity financially and with volunteers. Every three years we help build a house in the City of Rochester helping to revitalize our city’s neighborhoods. 

RCSD School # 2

Mountain Rise supports Rochester City School # 2 through grants to teachers and staff. These are used for classroom supplies and field trips. Along with the donation of books for a Book Fair, our volunteers help in classrooms and at special events to support the educational needs of children in the city.

Teen Empowerment

Every fall, Teen Empowerment hires youth organizers to work in their city neighborhoods. These youth engage their peers and community adults to work for strong, healthy communities embedded in equity, justice and peace. Mountain Rise supports their efforts. 


The YWCA works to help women and children in the areas of domestic abuse, homelessness and addiction with support, housing, counseling, and education. Volunteers and donations from Mountain Rise support their efforts. 

Salem Nutrition Center

Helping to feed people since 1984 the Salem Nutrition Center is currently offering bag lunches to go because of the pandemic. Mountain Rise also offers clothing for the Salem Nutrition Center guests. 

Advocacy for Justice

Mountain Risers advocate for vital local, state, national and global issues.

Service and Advocacy Teams

Mental Health Wellness Team 

The Mental Health Wellness team offers educational and multimedia presentations focusing on mental health issues and the challenges we all experience as we journey through life, and suggest ways we can support each other as God's beloved. 

Green CAT Team 

The Green Climate Action Team believes in helping all life to be protected and to flourish and encourages all faith communities to take responsibility as a family, church or community group to actively create a just and sustainable future by supporting personal and systemic change. 

Just Peace in the Holy Land 

The Team for a Just Peace in the Holy Land’s mission is - by education, advocacy, and action - to promote justice for the Palestinians in response to Israeli occupation and to ensure human dignity and well-being to all parties.  

Race and Equity 

The Race and Equity Team is working towards self-reflection of our own biases, expanding our knowledge of racial injustices, and educating and aligning with others in the community. The team has provided virtual presentations to our congregation and the community by local experts on the critical issues around racial inequality and plans to develop collaborative relationships with other faith-based organizations.

Viviendo en Amor y Fe 

The Viviendo en Amor y Fe Team - Our sister church in Honduras is a Christian community of faith that walks the walk of Jesus serving the many needs of the neighborhood in which they live while advocating for equality, justice and peace. Our relationship strengthens both their faith and ours.